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Friday, April 10, 2015

Allyssa and Mike's Gender Reveal Session.... Its A

I had the pleasure of working with Allyssa and her wonderful family. We did a maternity gender reveal session and we had so much fun!! I cant wait to share the results with you all!!

Allyssa and Mike wanted to do something a little different this time around ( they have an adorable little son already). They wanted to find out what they were having in a fun way. When she went to her ultrasound appointment she had the nurse put the results of the baby's gender in an envelope. Thank goodness our gender reveal session was coming up shortly after her appointment. ;)

We started off with a few shots of Allyssa and family. I know she really had to be anxious  to get down to the gender reveal, but I had to grab a few before we started painting. ( I will explain the paint part next)

Next, Allyssa and Mike put on blindfolds. It was my job to open the envelope that the nurse had given that would reveal the baby's gender. Once I read the paper I would hand them the color paint that would indicate the baby's gender. They then would squirt the paint on each other. Since they were both blind folded they wouldn't see which color they were painting until I told them to remove the the blindfolds. I was so excited to open the envelope I almost couldn't get it open. I finally opened the envelope and made them hold the results in their hand (since they couldn't see them) and then I handed them the paint.

Finally, I told them to take off the blindfolds.. I hear Allyssa scream " YES!! " . We all were so excited!! It's A BOY!!

Thank you to Allyssa and Mike for choosing me to share this moment with you. I am so excited for you and cant wait until it's time to meet your little man.

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