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Saturday, October 10, 2020



You may never have thought about "sled dogs", but Michelle Darlene sure has. She knows the good and, unfortunately, the bad about dog sledding. Michelle has rescued three husky dogs throughout the years. Her latest rescue was about four years ago. Oliver was a sled dog who was used until he could no longer pull a sled. He was passed around from place to place and kennel to kennel. Lucky for Oliver, Michelle had seen that he was up for adoption and knew she had to help this special boy. Since that day Oliver has been treated like royalty by Michelle and her family. "He has gone from the sled to laying in a bed", says Michelle. She lets Oliver sleep in a king-size bed, and he loves it.

   Recently Oliver had not been acting like himself. He was lethargic and just seemed "off". Michelle was concerned, so she took him to the veterinarian.  What happened next was completely unexpected and would change their lives forever. She was told that Oliver didn't have much time left to live. It was hard for her to make sense of this, as he was just full of life, and suddenly became ill.

Michelle was told that Oliver has some things going on that would be impossible to cure without even worse side effects. As you can probably imagine this has been a devastating time for Michelle. She doesn't know how much longer Oliver has left on this earth, but she is noticing that he is getting weaker by the day. His once energetic self can no longer run. Michelle is doing her best to make sure Oliver is enjoying his remaining days.

  These photos were taken the day after Michelle was informed about Oliver's prognosis. It was a very emotional day and photoshoot. I am happy that I was able to capture these memories for Michelle and Oliver. Please keep them in your thoughts. We will continue to post updates.



Please keep them in your thoughts. Feel free to share any words/comments for Michelle and Oliver.

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