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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Heinz + Wilma's 65th Anniversary Photo Shoot

When Heinz + Wilma's family think about LOVE they can only think about one Fairytale couple-  them!

Heinz and Wilma are celebrating their 65th Wedding Anniversary this month so their family decided to surprise them with a photo shoot!

It was so easy for me to photograph their love story because their love for one another was so apparent throughout the session. Their granddaughter, Robin, tells me that they are always a constant inspiration, showing love to one another in every moment.

 Heinz and Wilma met in Germany, and ever since that day- it's been pure bliss for the two of them. 

                     They love to travel together, go dancing and spend time with their friends.

They are always showing affection to one another!

Thank you Heinz + Wilma for allowing me to photograph you for your 65th Anniversary!


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