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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Amanda + Shawn's Celebration of Love


Amanda + Shawn

Celebrating love is such a beautiful thing. Appreciating each other + acknowledging the ups and downs, reminiscing about the path that you have walked together, and honoring that, is what helps a relationship grow. 

I was beyond ecstatic to have the opportunity to photograph a couple who exudes so much love and happiness. 

Many times I encourage couples to share a kiss at their session. I get many reactions that make for beautiful memories.

What is the significance of a kiss + why is it important? 

Kissings triggers our "happy hormones"(dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin) and can make us feel more bonded to our partner. When you kiss your partner you are not only helping them to get a boost of these amazing neurotransmitters, but you are also helping yourself. In turn, making your relationship bond closer + it also lowers cortisol, which is the stress hormone!  There are so many emotional and physical positives about kissing. So, it's no surprise that I asked these two beautiful people to kiss for some of their photos. 

Amanda and Shawn have shared so many beautiful memories together. The list of things they love about one another is endless. 

Amanda loves Shawn's endless love and forgiveness. She also adores his devotion to her and how he makes communication a priority in their relationship.

Love. doesn't look the same for every person or couple. Nurturing your love, and what love means to you, as a couple, is imperative to a good long-lasting relationship.

Focusing on each other and ignoring outside noise is something that most people in happy, long-term relationships say makes their relationship stay strong.

Shawn says Amanda is his whole world. He loves how she is outspoken and funny. Amanda is beautiful, yet humble. Her love and devotion to Shawn is something no words could ever describe.

Fifteen years is a long time and it takes hard work and commitment to grow with someone and not apart. Happy Anniversary, Shawn and Amanda! I wish you so much love + endless happiness!
Thank you for allowing me to capture your memories.

These are just some of my favorite images from their Peace+Warmth (Choose your vibe) session.

 I love Amanda's smile here... What was Shawn saying? 😂

Photographer: Trae Dawn

 Choose your Vibe Collection: Peace + Warmth (Boho inspired). Visit our website to choose your vibe photo session.


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