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Friday, May 29, 2015

Prom Night.

Class room bells and noisy halls,
Watching the clock as last period crawls,
Getting a demerit for talking in class,
Trying to remember where you left your hall pass.
Rooting for your team at a big football game,
Hoping the teacher would not call your name,
Studying for tests trying to get higher scores,
The echoing slams of the hall locker doors.
Pep rallies, homecoming and class elections,
Trying to decide next year's course selections,
Pondering the source of the lunch room's mystery meat,
Choosing lab partners and changing your seats.
Some of these moments may seem rather small,
But it's the little things that you'll remember most of all.


 Mom and Son

 Thank you for including me in on your special day!



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