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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Warrior Princess


When I first met Summer I knew we would get along great! She has so much spunk!

** Thank you to Summer and all of the beautiful Models that helped make this shoot a success!! Also a special thank you to our makeup artist , My Fair Daily - http://www.myfairdaily.com/
Please check out her website as well! *** 

Makeup by My FAIR Daily.  Models : Sidney and Shelly


                            Here are some of the group photos .

Warrior Princess symbolizes the strength and beauty that every woman possesses. No matter how young or how old, we have all faced challenges in our lives. Whether you are dealing with a difficult breakup, an illness, or loss of any sort. Whether you have been let down, pushed down, looked over or passed up. Whether you are in gym and trying to get through your last difficult set or outside running your last mile.Warrior Princess wear represents your strength, determination, and willpower to overcome any obstacle and never give up. A warrior princess makes no apologies or excuses for being strong. Rather she wears her power proudly.

Warrior Princess Declaration

Today, I pledge to love myself unconditionally. I acknowledge the fact that I am not perfect. However, my imperfections are what make me strong as I fight to become a better me every day. I will not allow any person, situation or circumstance to dictate my worth. I define me and I am beautiful, I am powerful, I am smart and I am strong. No matter what obstacle comes my way, I will not give up because I know that my will to win and succeed is stronger than any external force I will face. Today and every day I stand tall, because I am a WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who participated. I want you all to know how incredible I think you are. I will be sharing more photos soon. I will also be posting everyone's individual photo as well.


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  1. Thank you again Ladies!!

    I would love to get some feedback from you. Remember to check back as I will be posting a lot more photos!!

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  3. It was so wonderful meeting and working with you girls and I hope to work together with you again soon! If anyone needs special occassion makeup services, please contact me at myfairdaily@gmail.com or by phone at 440-364-3614. I am booking right now for summer, fall and winter 2015 as well as spring and summer 2016! Thank you <3

  4. I have known Tracy since grade school. We lived around the block from one another and she is one of my oldest friends. It is especially nice when I am able to work with her on something as awesome as this. Tracy and I will have fun no matter what (that's just a given) but working with her is always a pleasure. She is energetic, innovative in her approach, and above all professional. Any opportunity to work with her is one I look forward to. I am also extremely thankful to have been included in this particular project. As a certified Health Education Specialist I fully support what Warrior Princess stands for. I am so lucky to have met Summer and all the lovely women that were a part of this day.

  5. Thank you so much, Shelly. It truly means so much. You are truly an inspiration and I would love for you to share your warrior princess story. <3


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