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Friday, January 1, 2016

Photographs are Magical to Our Minds

       I just wanted to share some thoughts that I was having on this beautiful December morning.( If you aren't in Ohio, you should be- it's 70 degrees today) With it being so close to the end of 2015 I have been thinking back on this year. It has had its ups and downs.There has been fun, a  lot of changes, and some sadness. As I reflect back, I try to find the positive things and try and learn from the mistakes that were made and embrace it all. This year really has made me think differently that's for sure!
     I was in the middle of editing some images of my son and immediately I started to smile. Have you ever had that moment when you are looking at a photograph and instantly you feel a wide range of emotions? As you stare at the photograph you are immediately transported back to that day when the image was taken.

 Or maybe you are taken back to that particular year, month or hour. It could be an image of a family member, friend, neighbor or maybe even an object. Images have the ability to take us back in time and allow us to relive those moments over again in our minds. How powerful our minds are to be able to perform this "magic" of sorts. Sometimes it can be something so simple as looking at a small detail in an image that can get your mind rushing with visuals of that day, era or instant. If you look at the above image you may notice some dirt on his pants and his shirt is slightly unkempt. Some may wonder why I didn't photoshop. The answer is a simple one. For me, the photographer and mom, the dirt on his pants and the disheveled shirt are small details that allowed me to remember details about that day. Those small details brought so much to my mind. I immediately could recall the funny guy that he is jumping around, crawling on the ground and doing whatever he could to make me laugh.
                                            Here is a glimpse into my flashback :

 You can see how his pants got dirty ;)
I love capturing real moments for just this reason. We all love traditional poses, but on most of my shoots we also capture those real moments and that's where super powers come in. Anyone can pose someone and have them sit and smile. But it is the real super heroes, that can use their super powers to make the image come to life. And no, I am not talking about Photoshop magic ;)

What are some of my super powers you ask??

Here is a quick list: 

 1. I like to think I am a little telepathic (knowing others thoughts). I need to know how someone is feeling and what they may be thinking in order to get an image that truly displays their personality.
(This graphic is a bit of an exaggeration, but nonetheless it helps convey the point. )

2. Invisibility- Yes, this is true! Sometimes I am invisible so that I can capture that perfect image and it is unbeknownst to the child or person that I am there.

3. My final "super power" is the ability that I can allow my clients and their families and friends to time travel... Yes! Time travel-  As I spoke about earlier. When you look at an image you travel back in time and remember those moments, that day and era.

There may be a few more but I am sharing these three because they are the most important to me.

We all have super powers and should share them with the world. Are you sharing yours?


Trae Dawn

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