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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Does taking a photograph at a party or event ruin the memory?

   I love to photograph events such as parties, reunions, birth of a baby and more. I have also always been firm in the belief that taking photos at my family's parties was taking away from the fun. So, I always love to have someone else there that has no connection to the family and have them photograph. Or I will take some and have other family take some as well. This way we all can enjoy the moments and not have to concentrate on who is taking the photos.

Research has shown that taking a photograph may ruin that memory for the person taking the photograph. For example, you are celebrating your child's first birthday party so, of course, you pull out your camera or phone. Scientists are finding out by concentrating on taking that image instead of completely enjoying the real event that is happening in front of you, you will lose some of the memory or details of that event, occasion, etc.

  Dr. Lisa Henkel is a cognitive psychologist who performs these studies and she says,"These results show how the 'mind's eye' and the camera's eye are not the same."  The studies she may be referring to is a study she performed on college students at a museum of art at Fairfield University. The study allowed some students to take photos of the art they were seeing while the other group of students did not. The next day both groups of students were asked what they remembered. Which group do you think remembered more details about the art? (This is a no-brainer for me) The group that didn't have the camera's in their face remembered more details.  Dr. Hankel calls this “photo-taking impairment effect."

Studies are still being done but I would say more than likely they will all have similar, if not the same, result.

So, what does that mean for us? Try to take less photos? Maybe not.. We need photos to look back on and recall all the wonderful moments. But, maybe we can all try to worry less about "getting that shot" at a party, get a friend to take the photos, or hire a professional. Either way try and enjoy the moment. <3

Just my thoughts.

Trae Dawn

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